Brumley’s Catering By Angeez

Brumley’s Catering By angeez

Morgan Inn Corporation Acquires Angeez Catering Company

(GREENEVILLE, TN.) – Angeez Catering and Custom Cakes has been acquired by the General Morgan Inn. This addition will provide the General Morgan Inn the ability to cater events throughout the Tri-Cities Region. Brumley’s Catering by Angeez will bring the quality of the General Morgan Inn to any venue or corporate event.

General Manager, Isaac Myers stated that “Angeez’s is the perfect addition to the dining experience provided here at the Inn”. “The acquisition will increase our offerings to the public onsite at Brumley’s as well as other event sites in the region.”

Angeez Catering and Custom Cake’s Angie Lawson agrees, “With Morgan Inn Corporation responsible for the administrative aspect of the business, we are free to completely focus on our strengths: Cuisine and Baking.”

Angeez will also complement Brumley’s Restaurant in the pastry department. Brumley’s has always offered a limited dessert menu, but with the addition of Angeez talented pastry team, the dessert selection will be greatly expanded. Angeez can also provide large scale event cakes including intricate wedding cakes.

Angeez Catering will eventually strengthen the lunch options for downtown Greeneville as well. The General Morgan Inn will begin working toward a place where hotel guests as well as others can quickly purchase “grab and go” style meals such as sandwiches, salads and desserts.

Angeez Catering and Custom Cakes will officially become a division of Morgan Inn Corporation on June 1st, 2023. For catering information continue to contact Angeez at 1154 Tusculum Boulevard or 423-972-7354. Additional information is available at